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Your Time is Valuable

I’m sure like many of you, trying to catch up on all.the.things.  Kids out of school, husband on vacation, plus recovering from this ankle surgery, so many things just didn’t get done.

As I put towels away today, I tried to grab as many washcloths as I could possibly pile on top of the stack of towels.  I’m just being efficient, right?  I mean, I would have saved 30 seconds.

As I tried to balance this stack of stuff on one hand and open the linen closet door with the other, the pile of washcloths teetered…then over it went.  So much for saving time, right?


Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

 As I picked up the fallen laundry and re-folded it, I started thinking about all the business things I need to do. The only thought that I had after that: overwhelmed.

I excel at what I do…research and data to help you grow and scale your business.  Market research, social media research, social media data, Google Analytics.  I can help you narrow your focus based on data.  We implement.  Measure.  Analyze.  Revise. Repeat.

I love what I do.  I love this entrepreneur journey.

What I don’t love? Website tweaks.  Writing copy.  Virtual assistant tasks.  

And I came back to that unsteady stack of washcloths.  We all need balance.  And the ability to hand off tasks that we don’t like or don’t excel at to someone who specializes that.  

Delegating those tasks isn’t a sign of weakness.  It allows me to maintain the things I like and hire someone for the things I find less enjoyable, uninteresting, or I just plain don’t do well at.  

That’s OK.  We all have gifts.  We all have shortcomings.  But in those shortcomings, we should be connecting with people who do those things well.  Whether we follow them on social media and learn from them or hire them, knowing our deficits will help us to excel at our businesses.  

If you don’t know how to start with using data to grow your business or need help with market research or hashtag research, send me an email: .  Or book a complimentary call so we can discuss your needs.

Let me know how I can help you make 2020 the year for YOUR business.  


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