Data 101

I know a number of my fellow women business owners can be intimidated by the words “data analytics”.    “It’s complicated.”   “I don’t understand what the numbers mean?”   “I don’t know how to use the numbers to make any meaningful changes to my business.”   “Data doesn’t lie.  But, I’m scared to know.” …

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Standing Strong Together

People are struggling right now.  Some suddenly find themselves without jobs.  Or hours cut.  Maybe you’re a small business trying to stay afloat until we work our way through COVID-19. Maybe you find yourself suddenly homeschooling.  Helping your kids navigate an online world, when maybe you aren’t tech savvy. Can we all just take a …

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Using Keywords Is Key

Cranking out content but not getting the results you want? Word usage, and keywords, play a big role in helping your ideal client find you! Book a Free 30-minute call so I can help you land your ideal clients! https://youtu.be/X2zVBJb7xCw

Your Time is Valuable

I’m sure like many of you, trying to catch up on all.the.things.  Kids out of school, husband on vacation, plus recovering from this ankle surgery, so many things just didn’t get done. As I put towels away today, I tried to grab as many washcloths as I could possibly pile on top of the stack …

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3 Reasons to Use Real Time Analytics

Real time analytics can change the course of your business. You’ll know how users engage with your site (and know if they are connecting with your message).

Learn how to use real time analytics to strengthen and grow your business. Harness the power of data!

How Data Makes A Difference

Photo by Franki Chamaki on Unsplash What if you knew that you could improve the efficiency of your business without investing in millions of dollars of new technology, equipment, or new products?  Let’s take a look at how a prominent consulting firm helped a local organization do just this and positively impact the lives of hundreds of thousands. …

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What is a CRM and do I need it?

Not sure how to manage your customer data? Then this post is for you. If you Google customer relationship management (CRM), your search will likely reveal an overwhelming number of CRMs.  Along with that overwhelming number, there’s probably another staggering number…the cost of those systems/software. You might be wondering, “What IS a CRM and why …

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