Hi, I’m Jennie!

Just a small-town country girl born and raised in northeast Ohio where Christian family values were instilled into me at a young age. Respect, honesty, hard work, and obeying the rules was what knitted my family together. Sitting around the dinner table every night was a family tradition as I listened to my parents reminisce about their childhood upbringings and reminding us every night to be thankful for all we had and to count all our blessings.


Some of the best memories ever created as a child was spending every summer going to my grandmother’s house running through the beautiful fields on her farm while hanging out with my cousins these experiences are what shaped me into the woman I am today: a wife to my amazing husband and a mother to two loving children.


As time went on and I grew older I attended our local high school where I earned trophies in the debate team tournaments. You’d often find me singing in the choir, playing in the school band, or just hanging out with friends. My ambitious character drove me to get a job when I turned 16 to start saving for college as I decided to attend the University of Cincinnati in the fall of 1993 where I graduated with a Bachelor of Education with a major in Health Promotion with a focus of Community Health. Striving year after year to make sure my name appeared on the Dean’s list was one of my top priorities.


In the spring of 1997, I met my husband. My life took a complete 360 for the better when we brought our beautiful daughter Brianna into the world one year later. At this point we were not yet married and our faith was tested to the max when our daughter arrived at 24 weeks, fighting for her life. Regardless of our hardships, I was determined to do whatever it took to keep my family together.


During the next few years Don and I chose to step up and answer the call of God on our lives which was to return to church in the summer of 2001.  Our relationship with God grew stronger which then changed our lives forever.


            Don and I got engaged at Christmas time in 2001. We were married in June of 2002. In August of 2003, we welcomed our 2nd child, Hannah into the world when she was born at just 25 weeks. Once again, we were faced with adversity, questioning God, “Why is this happening yet again?” and begging him to perform a miracle for our daughter.  Hannah spent weeks fighting for her life. I knew if He helped us fight for Brianna’s life that He would do it again for Hannah as he is a miracle-working God. I’m blessed to say that my God did not fail us and that my Hannah is a beautiful young woman who’s been through a lot, but she’s a fighter just like her momma.


As social media started to evolve, I knew that there was a bigger calling on my life than just being a mom or a wife or returning to the pharmaceutical research industry. I knew that if I put the time into learning more about social media that I could create a profitable side hustle to help with the finances. So, I started on a journey to focus on data mining, data marketing, and learning the statistics behind how social media worked. I felt that if I could help people understand the functionality behind each social media platform as to when to show up, when to post, and what to post, that people would be able to gain more engagement vs just using spaghetti marketing, you know, just “posting something all over social media in hopes that it will stick”. We all know that methodology just doesn’t work and I knew I had a better solution to offer to the marketplace. After spending much time in prayer I knew that this was the path that God designed for me and I knew I had to obey the calling He put on my life.


In my spare time outside of trying to run a new business, be a mom, and a wife to my husband, I enjoy reading, baking and supporting our local Children’s hospital.


Back in 2010, I began to have some health issues.  As days rolled into months and months into years, I became very sick, mostly of the invisible sort. The only way to get any relief from my debilitating illness was to have brain surgery. It was at that moment that I realized God was shaping me to become a stronger warrior, to prove to my children and husband that once again it’s not a matter of what you’ve been given, but how you choose to manage what you’ve been given. Even though I had to undergo traumatic brain surgery, it was just proof to show how BIG our God is asHhe once again allowed for another miracle to take place in our lives. Just one more chapter in my book.


I am here to say that I am no longer defined by the issues I’ve had to face, for God is in control of all and any situation I may face in this life and He will allow me to help others overcome similar tragedies. I’m not here as someone just offering social media strategies so you can build a bigger business, getting the attention of your potential clients. I’m here to show you how to walk through the tough times in life and in business, allowing you to walk out of every situation winning.


I look forward to getting to know you and helping you write the next chapter in your book called life.  Together, we can flourish with God on our side and in our businesses.