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As Christian women in business, we only have so much time to do everything God has called us to do. 

To manage our household, serve our community, and grow our business. 

If we’re going to be good stewards of the time and resources God has given us, then we don’t have any time to waste on outdated strategies that don’t work anymore. 

You know, things like posting aimlessly on every social media channel, just hoping and praying the post will beat the latest algorithm and the right people will see it. 

Thankfully there is a better way. A way to take the guesswork out of your content marketing strategy, while also making the most of your time.

One Cohesive Strategy for All of your content

Based on the story your data is telling, not what the gurus are claiming

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Meet the Disruptor of the Content Marketing Strategy Status Quo

You’re the CEO of your business and you want to be seen and heard by the right people. BUT, you hate the idea of devoting your precious time (because time=$$) to the pieces of your business that don’t EXCITE you.

Allow me the honor.

Yes, honor.

I’m Jennie, the data geek that LOVES digging into the numbers behind your business. And not just sales.

  • Email open rates
  • Conversion rates
  • Reach and engagement by platform
  • Demographics
  • Ideal client information
  • Ad data
  • And more!

How it works

Analyze Your Data

Do you know if your content is really resonating with your audience? I'll dig into your business' data to discover the real story.

Create a Strategy

Together, we will create a robust, cohesive strategy to effectively market your business, all based on the story your data is telling.

Grow your Reach

My clients are seeing increases in organic reach and growth, as well as more sign ups for both their free and paid offers!

Your Data is Telling a Story.

Let's discover your content marketing sweet spot together.