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Social media

Full Social Media Audit ensures your posts and pages are consistent, easy to read, and ID’s areas that need improvement on each social media channel so that you can optimize their presence, save time, and make a greater profit.

**You’ll also receive additional background research on five influencers, respected thought leaders, businesses, or websites from your industry, who appeal to your target audience.**

social media analytics/
data analytics

So, business is going well and you’ve been posting online for a while? The Social Media Analytics/Data Analytics package will tell you exactly how that’s working out for you! If you’re a business owner and have been posting consistently on your social platform(s), start here.  

(may include Platform-Specific Analysis, Facebook Ads Analytics, Google Analytics, keyword research, and management of customer data/data files)

social media strategist

High-level date-based strategy gives you a bigger bang for your buck $$

No more pointless social media with low engagement. This package helps you to write & create the exact social media posts & blogs that your audience wants to read (and not based on what works for someone else, but for your special ideal client)

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Social Media Management Packages

*Several packages offered to fit client needs.
Basic Package includes 3 social media platforms, typically Facebook, Twitter, and client's choice.
Basic Package - Posting - Community Moderation - Monthly Reporting - Email and Phone Support
Silver and Gold Packages - Additional social platforms
- Increased posting and community moderation
- Curating Content - More Frequent and/or Detailed Reporting
- Article Writing
*90 day contracts are recommended to fully recognize the benefits of increased social presence.

Data and Analytics

Google Analytics certified. Harness the power of data so you can identify potential clients better and faster, and more efficiently. Can also provide competitor and market research for better targeting or other business needs.

Social Media Audits

Social Media Audits offered for single platforms or a discounted rate for multiple sites. Audits also include phone consultation to review findings.


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